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a road roller training course

The next machine is usually a single smooth drum compactor that compacts the high spots down until the soil is smooth. This is usually done in combination with a motor grader to obtain a level surface. Sometimes at this stage a pneumatic tyre roller is used. These rollers feature two rows (front and back) of pneumatic tyres that overlap, and the flexibility of the tyres provides a kneading action that seals the surface and with some vertical movement of the wheels, enables the roller to operate effectively on uneven ground. Once the soil base is flat the pad drum compactor is no longer used on the road surface… for more information please contact us on:
cell no: 0785775835/0789122950
email address:
address: 14A Boom & Pretorius Street, Rustenburg Northwest

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white angel mining training school (Individual) ,phone icon 0789122950/0785775835
a road roller training course

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a road roller training course

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