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MIND THEFT: a 2-novel series


Joel Goulet’s Mind Theft: a 2-novel series—International assassins. Two trauma surgeons. One neural surgeon. A room full of heavily armed assassins and government agents—working together. Four contract killers with no morals. Two young men who can see the future. An Alien Emperor and his enforcer. Two international assassin organizations. A man who reads minds. A woman who is faster than a bullet. A Thai family with gifted abilities. A Secret Service Agent with an altered mind. What could possibly go wrong?
Available in print and eBook formats. Possibly read for free at Amazon.

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Joel Goulet (Individual)
MIND THEFT: a 2-novel series

Posted on: 02/06/22 , Total Visits: 234
MIND THEFT: a 2-novel series

Location: Worldwide

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